Mundine’s Footy Comeback


Controversial former rugby league player/boxer Anthony Mundine has announced a shock 2016 comeback with St. George-Illawarra.

Mundine said he’d conquered all his boxing goals and was ready to dominate the NRL again.

‘I was ahead of my time when I first played. Too skilled, too fast. You can guarantee the Dragons will win next year’s premiership with me. I’ve been training with my cuzzy Fergs (Blake Ferguson) to help him get back with the Roosters, so I’m ready.’

When questioned about his limited interstate and international representation, Mundine was frank.

‘The selectors were scared of me. They’d never seen a talent as great as mine and their puny little minds couldn’t handle it.  I can’t wait to dominate for the Blue and Kangaroos like I was destined to.’

Mundine said he isn’t concerned that he’ll be over 40 when he rejoins the NRL.

‘Age doesn’t matter brah. Sporting talents as rare as mine aren’t restricted by being “too old”. I’ll be the next immortal. I guarantee you. Hell, I could open the batting for Australia and still make more runs than Shane Watson.’

For now, Mundine is training for his latest fight against 105-year-old retired factory worked Yigor Ramovovak, who hasn’t fought professionally since 1955.

‘Yigor’s a brave man. He knows everyone else is too afraid to fight me because I’m that good, even that Green fella.’

When questioned about his claims of racism during his footy career, Mundine said, ‘that was the old me. I’m more mature now. I’m above all the “racism” stuff; I’m too intense for mere humans to appreciate.’

A Dragons spokesman has vehemently denied Mundine’s claims. ‘He’s an idiot!’


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