Sandow leaves Eels


After the past week’s events, few Parramatta fans will mourn Sandow’s departure to Warrington.

Sandow was blasted for his poor performance last week against Canterbury. Many believed he simply didn’t want to be there and played accordingly. This was compounded by a fiery social media post.

A former Australian Schoolboy, he was worth around $2 million – and heavily hyped –  when he joined the Eels in 2012. He had 84 games and almost 500 points for Souths in four years, had played for the PM’s XII and would represent the Indigenous All-Starts in the 2012 NRL All-Stars game.

So where did it go wrong?

His gambling issues aside, it seems Sandow’s biggest crime was a poor attitude. He played over 70 games (scoring over 300 points) for the Eels in his four years, so injuries weren’t a massive issue.

Perhaps it was frustration at seeing his old club become a finals force while Parramatta struggled? Only Sandow knows.

Regardless of the reasons, his exit has been poor. His social media temper tantrum and poor display against Canterbury paint a sad demise of a once-promising player.

Sandow’s departure is a relief for the Eels. They are in top eight contention and don’t need petty distractions. Super League had a habit of giving former NRL players a second wind, so hopefully Sandow can turn up for Warrington and earn back some respect.


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