The Conversion


Darren, a rabid Collingwood supporter, was intrigued when his mate Terry, who lives in Sydney, shouted him tickets to the MCG for Origin II.

Terry, a lifelong Cronulla fan, saw an opportunity.

“Dazza’s obsessed with that stupid aerial ping pong! He’s always telling me how the Pies are greatest footy team ever, sharing all this stuff on Facebook, but I’m not buying it. If he followed REAL footy, it would make us so much closer. One game of Origin and he’ll see the light!”

In preperation for the conversion, Terry and Darren visited the Melbourne Storm headquarters and then watched the 1989 grand final between Canberra and Balmain.

While Darren was intrigued, he followed it with a double-header of the two 2010 grand finals between Collingwood and St Kilda.

“Collingwood looked like winning the first game easy so I fell asleep.” said Terry.

Onto the MCG and Terry did his best to convert Darren.

“I was pretty confused at first,  but there was a
of action. Luckily Tezza explained stuff when I got stuck.”

The night was going well before Inglis’ runaway try was called back.

“It was a great run! Almost as good as Mickey McGuane’s seven-bouncer in ’94. Still don’t know why it wasn’t a try. Even Tezza was stumped.”

“Oh mate, I give up! The f $/^&% refs ruined it for me! That’s all we’re gonna hear about until Origin III.”

Darren was more upbeat. “I had fun tonight. No idea what was going on, but the atmosphere was good.”

While the mission may have failed, the two mates struck a deal; Darren would go to the Storm games and Terry would go to the Sydney Swans games.

Though Darren is still a mad Pies fan and Terry is waiting for the Sharkies’ first premiership,  they kept their promise; Darren goes to most Storm home games with his family and Terry has taken his family to a few Swans games.


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