Watto’s honour


Ipswich is set to honour hometown boy Shane Watson with a special mural.

The mural – to be displayed in the Ipswich CBD – will feature four special images of Watto.

The first is Watson getting out LBW.
The second is Watson referring to DRS.
The third is a disappointed Watson walking to the dressing room.
The fourth is Watson clutching his hamstring after another injury.

Local artist Peter Mathers said the ambitious mural shows the highlights of Watson’s career.

‘I surveyed cricket fans and asked them what their favourite Watto moments were. These four were the most popular. Most sports stars get a measly statue outside a stadium, but Watto’s career can’t be summed up in one image. Hopefully when people think of Watto, they’ll think of the mural.’

Watson is flattered by the honour. ‘It’s wonderful that I’ve finally been given the recognition I deserve. I made four wonderful Test centuries, so hopefully they will be recognised. I can’t wait to see it.’


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