Horrible blunder decides game


We all love a good sporting blooper, but Shaun Ainscough’s falls into the “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” category.

Playing for Batley Bulldogs against Featherstone Rovers in an English Championship Shield Super 8s match, Bulldogs centre Ainscough look to kick the ball into touch from a clearing kick with his team leading 26-22 in the dying moments.

Then it went horribly wrong.

Rather than simply kicking the ball over the nearest sideline, Ainscough chose the riskier option: kicking the ball backwards to the far touchline. With the ball failing to find touch, Rovers winger Will Sharp gleefuly  picked the ball up the score, tying the game at 26-all. Paul Sykes kicked the conversion to give the Rovers victory.

It was a terrible end to a good day for Ainscough, scoring two of Batley’s four tries.

Ainscough apologised on Twitter after the game, his error has the Bulldogs in relegation danger. The Bulldogs sit in sixth place, just two points ahead of seventh-placed Hunslet. Meanwhile, Featherstone sit comfortably at the top of the table.


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