Watto will be missed


Australian captain Steve Smith has paid tribute to retiring all-rounder Shane Watson.

Smith said that Watson’s unique brand of cricket will be missed.

‘Mate, the number of times we’ve pissed ourselves when Watto referred another obvious LBW. Openly mocking such gross incompetence really brings people together.’

‘Of course, Watto was never out, so we’d spend the next hour hearing how the umpire was blind, how the world was against him, the usual nonsense. We used to run a pool of Watto’s best excuses.’

Smith says Watto’s absence will leave a bit hole in the Australian team. ‘If we lose, who are we going to use as a scapegoat now?’

Smith said he is looking forward to seeing Watto’s new speaking tour “My Four Marvellous Centuries.”

‘We’re gonna go as a team and sledge the s&^% out of him!’


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