Wallabies fan ready for World Cup


NOTE: this is a parody article

Wallabies fan Trevor  Araya is looking forward to the upcoming World Cup in the UK.

He’s taken leave time from work so he can watch every Wallabies game on TV

‘I looked at our group and it looks pretty easy. We’ll smash Fiji, Uruguay, the Poms and Wales easy.’

With rising enthusiasm, Mr Araya poured over the intricately mapped fixture guide he’d been working on.

‘So we’ll win pool A, we’ll play the winner of pool B, which’ll be South Africa. We’ll piss that in no probs.’ Then we’ll probably play France in the semis, another easy game. Then…’

Suddenly, Mr. Araya went quiet, clutching his fixture guide anxiously.

‘…shit, we’ll have to play the All Blacks in the final, won’t we?’

Crestfallen, Mr Araya sat down on the couch, head in hands.

‘The Kiwi blokes at work still give it to me after we lost the Bledisloe again. I thought we had it after we won in Sydney. Then…’

Slowly, Mr Araya got up, took off his Wallabies jersey, tore up the fixture list and  and threw them into the fireplace.

‘Never mind. I’ll go on a holiday instead.’


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