We Said Boo-urns


Joe Burns’ debut Test century made a lot of people happy, especially one Brisbane man.

Mr. Snrub is the founder of the “We Said Boo-Urns” fan club, which combines his admiration for the Queenslander with a love for The Simpsons.

‘I started WSB-O two years back while watching a Bulls game with mates. It’s slowly grown to 50 people. Now that “Old man Burns’s” made some runs, I can really focus on it.’

Mr. Snrub spent the winter analysing old Simpsons episodes for the best Mr Burns material. Mr. Snrub and his mates have devised an official WSB-OB uniform: a grey suit, long prosthetic hook noses and a bald cap wig.

‘We had a few at the Gabba and and some guys have really pushed it. They’ve made gorilla vests, Irish setter sweaters and even grizzly bear underwear. We’ve got our share of turtle necks too. It’s brilliant.’

Mr. Snrub’s son, Waylon, crested the club’s banner of Hans Moleman with the caption “We Said Boo-Urns.”
Mr. Snrub is excited for the club’s potential.

‘We’re gonna be bigger than the Richies.’

When asked about the fan club, Joe Burns was flattered. ‘I can’t wait to hear “Boo-urns” around the WACA when I walk out to bat. I’m sure their cheers will indicate which lever is the velocitator and which is the deceleratrix.’


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