Get ready for the Mega Bash!

Cricket Australia is excited to announce an extended Big Bash League – called the “Mega Bash” – to be played from 2018/19.

The competition includes four new franchises – Canberra, the Gold Coast, Central Coast and Geelong – with the 12 teams to play each other twice over six months (22 games each) with an extended six team finals series. The WBBL will run simultaneously with the same number of teams.

“We know how popular the Big Bash is,” said an anonymous CA spokesperson. “What do you do when people like something? Give them even more! I know the new format will soon rival the AFL and NRL in popularity.”

Starting in October 2018, the Mega Bash will run until February 2019, meaning some big changes in the traditional summer format.

The Matador Cup will be axed and the Sheffield Shield reduced to one round (15 games and a final) between August and September, played on suburban and country grounds. Australia will play just two Test matches, the traditional Boxing Day and New Year’s matches in Melbourne and Sydney. There will be no one-day internationals either, allowing the best local and international players to play in the Mega Bash inbetween the two Tests.

“How good will it be to see Davey Warney and Stevey Smith wallop ’em for the Sixers in prime time? I’ll have a nice bucket of KFC all ready for that one!”

Asked how this would affect the welfare of long-form cricket, the CA spokesperson was unconcerned. “Look, we’ve kept the profitable Test matches, isn’t that enough? They should be grateful we kept the Shield around, even though the stupid thing doesn’t make any money!”

The new Mega Bash has created a bidding war between Nine and Ten, a prospect Cricket Australia is loving.

“The daily truckloads of cash Nine are parking outside headquarters is awfully tempting. Ten better lift their game, free boxsets of The Simpsons¬†seasons 1-12 won’t be enough in the long run.”


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