Get ready for a controversial 2017

While most NRL fans are looking forward to watching footy again, one fan is eagerly awaiting fresh scandals.

Terry Doyle, a 40-year-old office worker, runs a popular rugby league blog FootyScandals.

“I used to run a regular footy blog a while back, but nobody read it and I got bored. I remember when Mitchell Pearce went nuts on Australia Day. It was all over the news and crappy tabloid shows. I thought, ‘I’d like a piece of this’, so I set up the new blog and quickly got readers. It’s all in the headline, get the bastards clicking.”

Mr Doyle said it’s changed how he’s watched footy.

“Most punters admire great tries and tackles but I watch players and think ‘which one of these idiots will be caught on a mobile phone blind drunk later that night?'”

Mr Doyle’s had plenty of inspiration in the off-season.

“I thought last year was great, especially with Parra falling apart, Jarryd Hayne comparing himself to Jesus and the grand final between the drug cheats and salary cap cheats. This off-season’s almost topped it. James Roberts nearly getting kicked out of the Broncos, Gus whinging about the Nines, Wayne Bennett whinging about whatever he wants. I’ve gotten so many hits on my blog, I can’t wait for the new season!”


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