Impressionable teenager looking forward to ‘cricket’ trip

With their team offically out of finals contention, the C Grade Seven Hills Bears cricket club are eagerly looking forward to their annual end-of-season ‘cricket’ trip to Thailand.

“The old club pres teed up this arrangement a few years back,” explained C Grade captain Ben ‘Macca’ McGuire. “We go over there, play some b***s*** T20 games against a local club and they pay for our trip and hook us up with a place to stay.”

The Bears’ newest member, 17-year-old Callum Price, is looking forward to it. Price impressed teammates this season with his tidy ‘keeping and batting and is looking to improve his game in Thailand.

“I can’t wait! I’ve been watching heaps of the Big Bash to prepare myself mentally. I want to score lots of runs and win every game!”

“Last year we lost by 100 runs, 10 wickets defending 20 runs and 209 runs. The boys were either still on the piss or hunting down the closest golf course. As long as we have eleven blokes each game, we keep our free trip,” explained Macca while studying a well-worn guidebook of ‘discreet’ local nightspots.
“I admire Cally’s keenness, but it’ll be wasted unless he can beat ’em himself. Next year’s trip he’ll be 18, then we’ll have some fun!”


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