Kyrgios prepares for Davis Cup

Controversial tennis player Nick Kyrgios has prepared for Australia’s Davis Cup clash against the Czech Republic… by beating a group of 12 year olds.

Kyrgios, rebounding from his disappointing Australian Open, beat the entire Victorian Tennis Academy under 13 squad in just two hours.

Australian coach Lleyton Hewitt was impressed.

“Mate, Nick was blowing these kids off the court! They are the elites in their age group, but they couldn’t get nearNick’s monster serves.  He didn’t lose a single point. He was pumped up too, no dramas with losing interest here.”

Hewitt denied that Kyrgios should be playing more appropriate opponents to prepare for the Davis Cup.

“We’ve worked hard on Nick since the Aussie Open, slowly rebuilding his confidence. He’s still delicate and we can’t risk him backsliding by losing to opponents the same age and skill set. Easy wins against outclassed opponents is much better for him.”

Hewitt revealed the strange exercises to get Kyrgios back to peak condition.

“Every morning I make him read his bank balance out loud, then spend 10 minutes shirtless infront of a mirror, yelling motivational buzzwords. With Tomic out, Nick needs the supreme confidence of two brats to beat the Czechs. I’m confident he’ll do well.”


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